Top 10 things Alaskan Malamute hates

People who like to be in the dog's society certainly want to show as much love, attention and gratitude to a dog, but we are not even aware that some of our reactions are disturbing and confusing dogs. Here are 10 things people do which Alaskan Malamutes hate:

Number 10 / Dog Breeding

This doesn't mean that all Malamutes don’t like gratification. Some dogs will feel happy in the embrace of their owner, while the majority will feel uneasy and will have the impression that hugging them you want to show the domination over them, from which they cannot escape. Some will tolerate your hugs, they love their owners and trust them, but that doesn't mean that they like them. Many Malamutes are upset in the embrace of an unknown person or children. In the end, it all depends on the character of a dog. It's important that you know your dog and understand its boundaries.

Number 9 / Saying a command with too many words

We all talk to dogs, and that's fine, but when we build a close relationship with our pets, we forget that they don't understand most of the things we are talking about. This is very important when we give the commands. For example. If you persistently speak to a dog, "I will give you a treat if you are good," and you think that he will understand you and he will listen to you every time, this is a futile effort. Dogs will respond better to words than to sentences, so it's better to just say "good" to him. If you use too many words, there may be mixed signals that the dog doesn't understand and it can confuse. Use the words he knows well and which you will use it to repeat it every time for the same command. Also, the tone and body language are very important when you say it to the command.

Number 8 / You shout at a dog

Of course, the dog should have a limit, but you will get better results by encouraging and rewarding his good behavior then by shouting at him when he does something that he did not need to. Shouting and insulting will make them upset and scared and most of what you say in anger will not understand. For example: if your dog steals a sock, you should not shout at him, but give him a command to let a sock and reward him for listening to you. This requires a lot of patience. Fear does not bring honor to the dog and you will not strengthen your relationship with this method. 

Number 7 / Touching his face

Again, you are the one who knows your dog best. Some dogs like to pamper them on the head and face, while some will tolerate your arms on the head or face but will not be comfortable with them, especially if the movements are rough or unpredictable. If you want to anoint the dog you just met, it would be best to lick it on your neck, shoulders or chest, at least until you get to know them a bit.

Number 6 / Contact with eyes

The owner of the dog knows that he can always look at his dog in the eyes and that the view will be full of love and respect. But if you look in the eyes of a dog you do not know, he can see that view as a threat or challenge. It would be best to avoid a long eye contact with dogs you do not know.

Number 5 / Environment

The scents are the main source of the dog for collecting information from the environment. Walking is good for them only if he can do as many things as possible to get to know the environment and find out what's going on. When you pull them off and forbid him to sniff, consider it the same as someone shutting down your computer while reading the news. Try to be a little more patient the next time you walk your dog.

Number 4 / Dress

This is another thing that dogs tolerate, but do not enjoy it (of course, there is always an exception). Fabrics and costumes tend to make people laugh and that the dogs are nice in them, but keep in mind that some dogs like it because they like to be at the center of attention, while others feel uneasy and confused.

Number 3 / Terrible situations

The dog should not be confronted with his fears, because he does not necessarily mean that he will overcome that fear, but that it will have a contradictory effect. The best approach is to expose dog to stimulants remotely and reward it for peace and obedience and gradually approaching the "trigger" of fear.

Number 2 / Bad Mood

Regardless of whether you are angry, sad, or unwanted, your dog knows with your incredible empathy how you feel. Everybody has a bad day, but if you put your negative emotions on a dog, it can fall into depression because you feel sympathy with you. Fortunately, dogs bring so much joy to our lives, so it's hard to be sad in their vicinity.

Number 1 / Alone in the house

Dogs are social animals and generally hate to stay alone. If you spend a lot of time out of the house, and then ignore the dog when you arrive, he will be sad. Dogs are very practical if you do not have enough time for your dog. It is necessary when you come home, spend quality time with your dog. However, dogs are the happiest if they can spend all day with you. Your dog is a member of your family and you need to spend time with him.

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