Breed Alaskan Malamute

Breed Alaskan Malamute
Photo by Animal Planet

If you planing to buy Alaskan Malamute, you must know that the Malamute must have a pack - in this case your family is pack. Alaskan Malamute search for joy and fun inside a pack.
All pack must have a pack leader - Did you're tough enough to be a pack leader?

First you must understand your Malamute, for this you must know all about this breed.

About breed

Non-belligerence, obstinacy, the hierarchy of the pack, howling and of course FOOD :) - This is Alaskan Malamute.
This dog is very strong and active, he have a lot of power and can run all day.
Contrary of that Alaskan Malamute is very kind and benign dog for people and especially for children.

Today we use Malamute for finding drugs, helping the blind people and children with disabilities. Alaskan Malamute can like other dogs find a cancer in people body very early, and that people can heal yourself.

Malamute love to run and spends energy, especially when the temperature is bellow 0. When Malamute is in their home, he was sleeping and resting. Not because he is lazy, but because in Alaska, dogs use all free time to rest and save energy for next day.

As we say, Malamutes love's people, and this dogs will be cuddly like a baby. This kindness is not present and for other living beings. Malamutes can be very aggressive for other dogs, cats, and other animals. If you have a chickens, Malamutes will be very happy, and your chicken can be a good food for your dog :)

This dogs is like a Teddy bear, Malamutes are not born with aggressiveness towards people. If you know some Malamute who is aggressive this is not purebred dog or dog was be abused like a puppy.

malamute sleepingMalamutes is not good watchdog. Like we say, this dogs love people and never be aggressive to people. Thieves can steal all from house, Malamutes will sleeping or playing with him. But this breed of dogs is very big and very similar, physical, like a arctic wolf, and people's are scared when looked them.

So, if you search for dog who will bite a thieves, you are on wrong place, this is not dog for you.

Ornery of Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutea is very clever dogs, and this dogs think for yourself. Owners who want to learn Malamutes for something mostly be very disappointed when his dog is not exactly obedient.
Malamute is not like other dogs. He doesn't like repeat boring jobs, he will do something that he thinks to need. Why would he sitting when you told this to him, if during that time he can sniffing :)

This ornery of Malamutes they have of their ancestors, who lived in wild Alaska and very hard life. If you have Malamute, and you have some accident, Malamute will not sitting near you. He will go for help or will help you.

The hierarchy of the pack

Malamute whole family considered as a pack - all people, children's, even cats is a part of pack. Malamute all pack study and search for leader of the pack. Leader is not a person who beating or mistreating others - this is the enemy. Leader is the person who are strong in mental sense, fair, who delivering justice, and who give a food.
Malamute can saw himself like leader of the pack, if in pack have not stronger person, and this is not good. If you think that you are not a strong in mental sense, please don't buy this dog.

Malamute and other dog's

Malamute and other dogs

Malamute love people, and this is all, don't force him to love other dogs :)
He don't love other dogs for two reason:
- Jealousy
- Territory protection

Love of Alaskan Malamute to people is very strong and he is very jealousy, he want you just for yourself. You are leader of the pack and the main reason because he is alive. He will never give you to others and lose you.

All other dogs is threat for territory. In Alaska threat is other dog, wolf or some other big game, and this threat are very dangerous for his and the pack leader life.

Malamute likes to dig

Malamute love to dig

Yes, Alaskan Malamute really like to dig. He can dig up for one night such a hole to man can lie to her. He dig for many reasons.
- He have too muck energy, and must wears out yourself
- He is excited for something
- He is sick and try hide yourself
- He making a bed for sleeping
- He think that will be some terrible weather
and more other

The instinct for digging Malamute have from Alaska, where he must dig for making a shelter of snow and wind.

Malamute likes to hunt

If you live in the city, you must have a leash when you walking with your dog. Malamute like to hunt. This is instinct from Alaska and you must prevent it.
He can be a perfect dog, but when he look a cat or dove, he go to hunt, and you can't stop it if you don't have a leash. Don't forget, Malamute is very strong dog, and not recommended to walk only with children.

The howling of Malamutes

The howling of Malamutes

Malamutes don't bark all time, like other dogs. He is very quiet dog and usually howling, approximately like howling wolf.
Howling of Malamutes can be heard in the distance of 7km - in the open ground. Malmutes sometimes like a speaking and howling in the same time.
Hownling of Malamutes is not frequently like a bark from other dogs.

If you have a more of one Alaskan Malamute, when howling they will stop together, like have a conductor.