Buy us one bone

Buy us one bone

Hi, we are small organization in Serbia, and we really love this dogs. All content from site is free to everyone, and will always be free.
Now, we want to make this web page more familiar whit other languages, and we want to make some blog, forum and other cool things, but we need money for this.

If you have some money surplus, please donate to us, and your name will be written on sponsor wall, and you will help us to make this web page better for everyone.
This donation is only 5€

What we will do with money?

- Translate web page to:
- - Turkish
- - Spanish
- - Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian
- - German

- Make fantastical stories and blog's
- Make forum
- Make this web page more social (Facebook and Instagram)

Who already donate to us? (Start from 11.01.2017)

- Milos Popovic / Serbia / 5€

Total: 5€